Let us eat cake!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

If you've been following my blog for more than a year, you probably know I have this quirky and kind of weird tradition of celebrating Nick Carter's birthday by way of baking. It started out in 1998, when his birthday pretty much coincided with the birthday of my favorite actress at the time and I decided to bake a strawberry cake (with Funfetti frosting!). Since 1998, I have baked other cakes for other people's birthdays, more as an excuse to feast on yummy cake than anything else.

I haven't baked anything for Nick in a few years now, but since I haven't baked anything since the holidays, I was itching for some baked goods. I decided, this year, to go down a fancier route and double up on cakes -- strawberry for Nick Carter and another flavor for Harry Styles (of One Direction, whose birthday is February 1), just for the hell of it. I wanted to make a layer cake and had a tough time thinking of a flavor that would pair well with artificial strawberry that also wasn't chocolate, because I have an aversion to chocolate cake mixes. (I don't particularly like vanilla or yellow cake cake mix, either.) I settled with red velvet because the chocolate flavor is generally pretty toned down, and I thought the two colors would look good together.

Pink cake mix

Red velvet mix before ...

... and after.

Happy (belated, now) Birthday, Mr. Carter. It's kind of ridiculous that I've "celebrated" 15 birthdays now ...

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  1. That's so cute. Celebrating Nick and Harry's birthday. I love anything chocolate and red velvet-type cake. Baking is...too hard for me. I haven't progress any further from salads or pastas.

    1. That's so interesting - I find that baking is much more of a science, whereas cooking is much more intuitive, which means you either can do it or you can't. I used to find baking easier when I was younger, but now I find baking much more difficult (when I'm not using cake mixes, haha) ... a pinch less of an ingredient and the whole thing could go wrong!



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