Music Monday: Haim

Monday, January 14, 2013

source: Haim's Facebook page

I'm sure many of you have already heard of them (I tend to be late to the game outside of my usual genres), but there's been a lot of buzz about this Los Angeles-based group called Haim, made up of three sisters and a drummer. I've seen them compared to everything from Fleetwood Mac to garbage (not the band, but ... rubbish), but Wikipedia labels them "contemporary R&B," which completely blows my mind. R&B is pretty much the last thing I think of when I listen to Haim.

What do you think? This is my favorite song of theirs:

I hear 80s pop rock, some folk rock or Fleetwood Mac-y elements, and in pretty much all of their songs, a distinctive rhythm from various genres -- in this song, it's samba or something along those lines. I personally like it because it reminds me of the best of 80s and early 90s pop music, that "everything's going to be alright forever and ever" feeling that very few artists seem able to or want to capture these days, quite possibly because it seems naïve or unrealistic. "Forever" reminds me of Gloria Estefan and "Do It" by Nelly Furtado. I really like the huskiness of the lead singer's voice, too.

I think there's probably something for everyone in their music, which is probably why so many people have raved about them. And there will always be the people who complain about how terrible music is today in comparison to yesteryear, but I think it's all nostalgia. If it makes you smile, then why not?

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  1. I quite like Haim. But contemporary R&B? That seems strange to me too. I do see the 80s pop rock and Fleetwood Mac references.



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