Music Monday: "Telluride," Kate Wolf

Monday, February 18, 2013

I have a soft spot in my heart for songs named after places, especially places in the United States. I guess I'm just a real sucker for road trip-type songs, if you can call them that.

I don't know too much about Kate Wolf, but I stumbled across "Telluride" when I was listening to my beloved Joan Baez station on Pandora. She died relatively young, at the age of 44, of leukemia, but recorded ten albums over the course of her ten-year career. That's pretty impressive.


I love the pastoral metaphors in this song: "And the river keeps rollin' past the south couty line / and I'd love to roll with it, but I've run out of time / and the years, they roll by like logs in a river / and I know I ain't gettin' no younger."

Here are some other beautiful Kate Wolf songs:

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  1. I have not heard of her before. She sounds beautiful and I can really picture what she's singing about. But I don't think I can listen to her for's like a lullaby.

    ps- I think you should give South America a go. Though it was frustrating at times due to language problems but it was fun and I had a wonderful time. I'm planning another trip there, hopefully, sometime next year.



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