March Hipstamatic

Thursday, March 28, 2013

March was a very snowy month here in New York City, and quite cold, but the first signs of spring began to emerge. 

How many (pickled) peppers did Peter Piper pick?

An innovative way of steeping Rooibos tea

This isn't a great photo, but I wanted to capture the bright pink
flamingos lying face-down in the snow. Even they've had it with winter!

Never-ending snow ...

I'm looking forward to getting out more as the weather begins to warm up. I hope I'll have more outdoors photos to share next month :)

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  1. Wow snow at this time? I have to say the weather has been a a bit crazy over here too. The first week the weather got a bit chilly. But after that, the temperature hit 26-27 and not too long ago it even reached 31 which was the hottest March day in 44 years.

    1. Wow ... from what I hear about the weather patterns in Sydney, I'm not sure I could survive there year-round! We get snow well into April sometimes! It's odd, but it gets colder and stormier in the later months of winter (and beginning of spring) than the first couple of months. NYC is better off than further up east, like Boston, where winter seemed to last 6 months, easily!

  2. Maxine - That is how I steep my tea too :) As for winter, begone!

    1. Haha ... spring seems to peeking through the gloom! Well, maybe not today :)



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