Music Monday: "Rush Rush," Paula Abdul

Monday, March 18, 2013

I was having some trouble falling asleep shortly after Daylight Savings Time, so I reached for my iPhone to listen to some mellow music that wouldn't shake any sleep out of me. I ended up listening to "Rush, Rush" by Paula Abdul, which turned into listening to a Pandora station based on "Rush, Rush," which is a station I highly recommend if you're into late '80s/early '90s pop music. It didn't exactly help me fall asleep, though, so I wouldn't recommend the station for that purpose.

Growing up, the only contexts I knew Paula Abdul in were that she was a) a joke of a singer back in the late '80s/early '90s, b) a former Lakers girl, and c) a judge on "American Idol". She and her song "Straight Up" were in practically every VH1 special about the '80s. (And I probably watched them all.)

Turns out I had been exposed to more Paula Abdul than I knew growing up ... thanks to my favorite television show as a preteen, "Kids, Incorporated," I actually knew all the words to Paula's song "The Promise Of A New Day." And by the time I got around to hearing "Rush, Rush" for the first time, I realized that maybe Paula hadn't been the best singer, but her music really wasn't as bad as it'd been made out to be.

I love a good early '90s pop song, and this one (to me), is quintessentially early '90s. It's such a feel good song, which is probably why it's on my iPhone (I know you were dying to ask why the heck anyone would have Paula Abdul on their iPod, never mind their iPhone). I'm not sure if I could tell a song made in 2005 apart from a song from, say, 2013, but to me, there are distinctive qualities to both early '90s pop songs and late '90s pop songs, and I almost love them all. Whether it's for the simplicity of the music or the warm, fuzzy feelings it gives me, I couldn't tell you, but does it matter?

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  1. I have to say I only know of Paula Abdul from American Idol. Was she ever famous?

    1. Yeah, she was a pretty famous dancer/choreographer (then singer) before she was recruited for American Idol ... but she's definitely known more for her dancing here than for her singing.



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