Music Monday: "Human," The Human League

Monday, April 22, 2013

Yep. It was in a commercial, I was reminded of the song, I downloaded it and listened to it on repeat for a full Saturday afternoon. New Wave/synthpop are just MADE for Saturday afternoons, I swear it.

(By the way, you'd think that locating the name of a song heard in a commercial would be way, way easier with all of the technology we have these days. When I was a teen/in college, I'd use the site, but after all of these years, that site is really no easier to sift through. Google is clogged with bits and pieces of songs that have all-too-similar lyrics, and my SoundHound iPhone app is probably also clogged with who-knows-what, because its success rate went from 90% to about 10% in the 3 years since I downloaded it.)

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