Music Monday: A Rocket To The Moon

Monday, April 08, 2013

source: A Rocket To The Moon's Facebook page
I've been checking out a lot of new (as well as stuff that is only new to me) music on Spotify ... it's funny that ten of years ago, we had only MTV and the handful of music outlets to go to to really discover new music for free. In a way, social networks and technology have taken power away from the popular voice and given more to the individual, but at the same time, I think the music industry has suffered for it.

Anyway, A Rocket To The Moon. I really, really, really like their sound. It's sort of the perfect mix of pop rock and country/folk and youthfulness. I found them on one of the various channels Spotify's set up for you to discover new music suited to your tastes. The band hails from Braintree, Massachusetts, but their latest album has a pretty distinctive country/folk sound for a band that is labeled "alternative/pop rock/punk." A listen to some of their older stuff (they got together in 2006) gives them a slightly more "emo" edge, but only in that they went the way of whiny singing à la All American Rejects. I'm so glad they've left that behind, because even with lead vocalist Nick Santino's voice being as whiny as it was, the group had musical and songwriting talent up the wazoo.

Here are some songs off of their latest album, "Wild and Free," which was released in late March of this year.

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