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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Guys, I think I'm turning into one of those weird "green" people. I know. Well, at least I have the self-awareness to realize it's happening, right?

So I've noticed that since I've been back from Taiwan -- and in spite of actually following an exercise regimen -- my energy (and endurance) has been flagging. The first sign of this was losing my voice after a day of hanging out just one-on-one with a friend. Then I noticed that it would take a half day for me to recover after a day or even half day out and about. Now I'm beginning to notice that my behind hurts more than it should after spending all day sitting at my desk.

So I'm going to make like one of those semi-hipster, experimental tech start-up companies and I'm going to try working standing up. I've rearranged things on my dresser to make room for my "equipment." I'm thinking that not only will doing this prolong my stamina, but it'll make it easier for me to focus. I noticed that forcing myself not to sit made me antsy and always wanting to be doing something. Now that I have an appropriately positioned desk to work at, maybe I can put that desire to good use.

I'll report back on Sunday and let y'all know whether I made it or not, and how my legs, neck, shoulders and back, etc. are feeling. And if all goes well ... this may be the way of the future!

Here are some articles about standing desks, if you're interested in knowing some of the alleged health benefits ...

+ Wikipedia: Standing desk
The Independent: Desk workers - stand up for your health
+ Inc.com: World's Easiest Way to Be Much Healthier: Stand Up
+ Forbes: Stand Up! And Other Easy Ways To Lengthen Your Life
+ BBC: Stand up at office to lose weight, says exercise scientist

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