May Hipstamatic (and not so Hipstamatic)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

I know I've already said it (and will probably continuing saying it for each of the remaining months of 2013), but May really flew by. It was a blur and I can barely remember how I spent it. I just know there was a lot of food.

Dallas BBQ

Beautiful days

Key lime meringue cupcakes for someone's birthday

Triplet cherry

My favorite part of Central Park, the Conservatory Garden

Picnic in Central Park ... before we were interrupted by a hungry raccoon.

Pie Face

Faux Kate Spade-flavored froyo ... Bloomingdale's was doing a "pop fizz clink" pink champagne
froyo flavor, but when I asked about it, I was told it was in fact raspberry. Boo.

They were surprisingly good.

Onwards! I usually get excited about June, because it only makes me think of happy things: yellow, tulips, sunshine, blue skies ...

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