Autumn 2013 Playlist #MusicMonday

Monday, September 23, 2013

Autumn in the Pacific Northwest

... and just like that, it's autumn again. When I think of autumn, I think of quietly cooling days, swirling gold and rust-colored leaves, damp underfoot, rough tree bark, early nightfall, the glow of dining rooms from the street, calm lakes, emerald moss, tweed and wool coats, harvest vegetables and fruits, the first lighting of the wood fireplace, of places like New England, the Pacific Northwest, England, and how much I would miss a place that has four seasons.

To me, a sad but rich acoustic guitar or dictates much of the autumn season; a plucky, shallow acoustic guitar screams summer; a deep, dark piano and light, hollow vocals whisper "Winter." Spring might call for an awakening peppered with strings and a more complex track, layered with the natural and unnatural.

This playlist contains songs that imitate, in my mind, the transition from late summer to late autumn. Again, a few of these songs are not available on YouTube, so the YouTube playlist and the Spotify playlist vary a little bit.

"Truth Between The Lines," Tamarama
"Pressure," The 1975
"What's The Matter," Milo Greene
"It Could Be Better," Lewis Watson
"Step," Vampire Weekend
"Beginnings," Junip
"Finally Moving," Pretty Lights
"Wakin' On A Pretty Day," Kurt Vile
"Isaac," Bear's Den
"Norwegian Stars," Hooverphonic
"Ordinary People," John Legend

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