"Listen To Your Heart," Alicia Keys #MusicMonday

Monday, September 09, 2013

source: Alicia Keys' Facebook page
I always seem to feel that Alicia Keys has disappeared, though when I really think about it, she's released a consistent string of hits since she hit the scene in 2001. I guess it's the same feeling people must have when the Backstreet Boys keep showing up on morning shows to stake their sixth comeback since 2005 or whatever. Well, minus the hits part (sorry guys).

Anyway, I think the reason I keep forgetting that Alicia Keys has been around is because her songs become such huge hits that they become overplayed and I start tuning them out. Starting with "No One" back in 2007, when I was working at MTV. MTV, of course, would be played on the televisions in the hallways, and for about a month, every morning at 9:40am -- like clockwork -- the station would play the "No One" music video. Ugh. I still can't really listen to the song. And then there were the overplayed "Empire State of Mind" and "Girl on Fire." Radio really shouldn't do that, man. They turn a perfectly good song bad. I guess they don't see it that way.

So I was watching the morning news a couple of weeks ago and Alicia Keys participated in "Good Morning America"'s music in the park thingamabob. I tuned in long enough to watch her perform "Listen To Your Heart," which made my ears really perk up. What a song!

I prefer a mellow Alicia Keys to an emblazoned, anthemy one. It's not that I don't think her messages are important, because I love that her songs are generally so positive. But I just think a slower, softer Alicia Keys is more nuanced and interesting. One of my favorite songs of hers is "Prelude to a Kiss," if it's any indication.

I love the darkness of "Listen To Your Heart" ... it's got a decidedly autumn-winter city night vibe to it, really sophisticated and toned down. There's also an early '90s feel to it which, as you know, I love. I really enjoy all these musical artists paying homage to the musical styles that were popular when they were kids. It's probably been happening all along, but now that I'm of the "right" age, I appreciate it even more. This is a really good song to transition from summer to autumn, to winter, even.


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