"Don't Stop Dancing," Kaskade and EMX, featuring Haley #MusicMonday

Monday, October 14, 2013

source: Kaskade's Facebook page
Ah, it's Monday again. I've been having some internet problems of late that's keeping me from my little happy place on the internet.

Now I don't usually like to listen to club music in my free time ... or dance music ... or anything remotely techno, but something about "Don't Stop Dancing" by Kaskade and EMX, featuring Haley, caught my whimsy. It, like all the songs I've been writing about lately, has something very transitional about it -- transitional in terms of the seasons and the weather.

To me, dance music screams "summer time." I think of hot, humid, sweaty nights, sticky skin rubbing against sticky skin. And then those short, sometimes euphoric bursts of cool air seeping through doorways and overworked air vents. But something about "Don't Stop Dancing" decidedly does not scream "sticky summer." "Don't Stop Dancing" is like those short, euphoric bursts of cool air in summer heat. Maybe it's the breathy, chilly vocals and steady, controlled beats.

And the lyrics are nice and upbeat in their own way, too ... though perhaps not quite fitting in this case, but a nice sentiment, especially if you're dancing at the club ... and inebriated and in need of an uplifting message? Hey, I'm sure it's happened before.

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