Savannah, Georgia Historic District

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Back in 2008 when I went on my road trip South with my friend Megan, we meant to stop in Savannah but only made it to Atlanta and Charleston before having to turn around in order to make it back in time. Earlier this month, I finally had my chance to visit Savannah, and it did not disappoint.

Savannah has the distinction of being both the first city of Georgia and the first capital of Georgia, and is sometimes thought of as "America's most haunted city."

Savannah City Hall
Jepson Art Center
The Jepson Art Center
Bay Street Savannah
Bay Street

My DSLR's battery died at this point of our walk, so excuse the less-than-great quality of the remaining photos.
Savannah square
A "typical" Savannah square.
Historic District, Savannah, Georgia
I was really feeling Savannah's architecture.
Historic District, Savannah, Georgia
Some parts reminded me of New York City.
Historic District, Savannah, Georgia
And some of New Orleans.
Historic District, Savannah, Georgia
Historic District, Savannah, Georgia
Historic District, Savannah, Georgia
Bay Street, Savannah

Historic District, Savannah, Georgia
Forsyth Park Savannah
Forsyth Park. This photo kind of captures the mood of Savannah for me.
Forsyth Park Savannah
Historic District, Savannah, Georgia
SCAD theatre Savannah
Savannah architecture
Leopold's Ice Cream Savannah
The famous Leopold's Ice Cream ... it was, sadly, too early for ice cream.

Last, but not least, I walked by the ridiculousness that was The Paula Deen Store.
The Paula Deen Store Savannah
The Paula Deen Store Savannah
Those little butter sticks in the back are Christmas ornaments. Yes.

I really enjoyed walking around Savannah and was actually really surprised at how walkable the Historic District was. One day (or even four hours, in my case) is really enough to see the key attractions in Savannah, though we barely had time to squeeze in a meal or any shopping ... which are almost equally important when traveling. :)

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