"All The Years," Wild Child #MusicMonday

Monday, December 30, 2013

Wild Child All The Years
source: Wild Child's Facebook page
Here we are, the last Monday of the year. How are you feeling about that? To ring out the new year, I have a chirpy little song called "All The Years" by Wild Child to share, one you've probably heard on television by now (it's featured in a Purina Cat Chow commercial).

Wild Child is an appropriately unwashed-looking hipster band from (one of two places, really) Austin, Texas. But they were named the best folk band of 2013's South by Southwest music festival, which is nothing to laugh about. Their song "Living Tree" was also named one of the top ten songs of 2013 by NPR.

I can't quite put my finger on what the subject of the song is meant to be -- a cat, for real? Or a doll, or a sentimental blankie?

I'll try to make it back soon
I missed you when I left the room
you're my best friend, you're my best friend
we've come along so far now
laughing as we watch the clouds
you're my best friend, you're my best friend

Anyway, we've come along so far now this year -- I hope it was a good one!

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