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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Klischée Touché Tin Tin Sometimes Tiquette electro swing

Who doesn't love a bit of phonetic wordplay? I know I do. Turns out "klischée" is not a play on the phonetic spelling of "cliché," but the German word for "cliché." Seems apropos, considering Klischée is an "electro swing" band from Switzerland.

As far as I can tell from English-speaking Google, Klischée started out as two Berne students who had a love of jazz music and electro music, and wanted to find a way to combine the two. It appears that they worked as DJs, putting their electro-jazz touch on songs to turn out remixes, but they are now releasing their first full-length album, "Touché." Klischée's Facebook page now lists a total of five members (William Bejedi, Marena Whitcher, Dominique Dreier, Kilian Spinnler and Benjamin Kniel), though it appears not every song features each member.

The first single off of "Touché" is the decidedly swing song "Tin Tin." I swear I've heard this song in a commercial before, but as with most things Klischée-related, I can find no footprint of this. Can anyone back me up here?

At first glance, their latest single "Tiquette" has the greatest appeal to someone like me, who has a penchant for vocal music. Marena Whitcher's vocals make the music more accessible, but in doing so, the vocals take the uniqueness of Klischée's electro swing sound into a more quotidian place. It's "Sometimes" that shows off Klischée's talent: it's a seamless integration of the electro and swing parts of Klischée's sound, of old and new.

Altogether, their music harkens back (as far as my musical consciousness goes) to the '90s swing revival, with the popularity of The Brian Setzer Band, with a huge helping of European flair and electronic dance beats. I can dig it. It's a really great rehashing of a bygone era.

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