Ben Howard #MusicMonday

Monday, March 10, 2014

Ben Howard music singer-songwriter

Since I've taken it upon myself to meditate every day this year, I've really been enjoying listening to more mellow, relaxing music. Before bed, I like putting the Pandora station "Spa Radio" on a sleep timer, but I've also discovered a few other artists who are really good for relaxation. One of them is English singer-songwriter Ben Howard.

Ben Howard was only 21 years old when he released his first EP, titled "Games in the Dark". He also altogether released six bodies of work, including one full-length studio album, 2011's "Every Kingdom". Though Ben Howard was born in West London, there is a wispy, beachy quality to some of his music, which may have been risen from his upbringing in Devon. At other times, his sound spans the range of many of the great singer-songwriters who have come out of the UK and Ireland in recent years: Mumford and Sons, Snow Patrol, Ed Sheeran, Damien Rice. But always fantastic, beautiful music to winding down to.

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