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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Rainy Milo new music R&B pop

When I think back to when I was 18, I think of how little I knew of the world, and how new I was. So it astonishes me that Rainy Milo, a pop-R&B artist from London, is just 18 and has been writing music since she was 14.

Like Taylor Swift, she was working with producers and music business insiders in her early-to-mid teens. But unlike Taylor Swift, her music has a mature darkness that seems well beyond her 18 years. Rainy Milo's music has a hard-driving yet gloomy feel to it that seems to encapsulate what living in South London might be like. But Rainy's songbird voice gives her music a softer edge, sometimes coming across as girlish and sometimes like a burgeoning woman. Whereas other R&B singers often come across as sultry or sexy, there is something that feels thought-provoking -- even intellectual -- about Rainy Milo's music.

Rainy Milo released her first body of work, the EP "Limey", in 2013, and is following up with a full-length release titled "This Thing Of Ours."

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