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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Lyon Apprentice new music Be Honest Be Wild Be Free debut EP Australian band

Lyon Apprentice is a duo consisting of two Australian brothers, Adam and Nathan Lyons, who hail from Queensland. Having supported Bear's Den and a number of other bands, the brothers are finally ready to release their debut EP, "Be Honest, Be Wild, Be Free."

Most of the songs on the EP are an improbable collusion of melancholy and upbeat rhythms, sometimes driven by a rigid drum beat or sharp brass notes, and at other times by the fast-paced picking of an electric guitar. Passionate melancholia seems to be the EP's theme, from the bittersweet and ghostly "I Will Find You" to the desperate, pleading "Be Careful." The mood is so decisive that it seems a part of a fully-formed thought turned into a collection of songs -- a solid, cohesive effort formed by small journeys into varying textures and feels.

Photo: Lyon Apprentice's Facebook page

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