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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Bridge City Hustle The E.P. New York City modern funk soul band

Bridge City Hustle is a Brooklyn-based band who formed only in 2012, but you probably wouldn't know it by listening to their music. The band's music has a sound that seems distinctive almost to New York City -- jazz, pop-rock, R&B, soul -- it's all in there.

The band is largely made up of musicians who have previously worked behind-the-scenes with big names. Lead singer Johnny Burgos is a producer/songwriter/engineer, bassist Pete O'Neill has played with James Brown and The Allman Brothers Band, sax player Dan Cherouny works as an engineer and producer, and drummer/keyboardist Dave Zerio studied at The Hartford Conservatory. They are an experienced bunch coming together for the first time to release an EP, and it could've been a lot of the same old same old.

But "The E.P." is something new, a surprisingly contemporary blend of older, tried-and-true sounds. Burgos' voice is reminiscent of Gavin DeGraw's with falsetto, but spun in with R&B twists, jazz turns and a splash of sax, it's fresh and original while maintaining a dark, sensuous undertone. A must-listen.

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