PANES #TunesTuesday

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

PANES is a duo from London, made up of vocalist Tyson McVey and recording engineer Shaun Savage. Together, they have put together their first EP -- a set of four songs that have "painstakingly detailed production" and lay down the foundation of PANES' sound.

On the back of the '90s influence apparent in today's music, PANES doesn't just absorb and regurgitate; the influence is a mere shadow, or a vibe, rather than a lifted beat or a distinctively '90s production flourish. Experimental in style, PANES' self-titled EP combines bare songbird vocals with a wide range of (at times primitive) percussion instruments and every-genre instrumental tracks to pull together an impeccably curated collection of R&B-inflected songs.

The EP is in stores now.

Photo: WFS Communications

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