"Foolish," Blonde ft. Ryan Ashley #MusicMonday

Monday, June 09, 2014

Blonde sound duo Bristol Ryan Ashley Foolish Music Monday R&B house

Blonde is a two-man DJ duo that got together through the magic of the internet -- YouTube, specifically. Bristolians Jacob Manson and Adam Englefield met through Adam's YouTube channel and were met with some success remixing '90s dance and R&B songs. The two have moved away from '90s songs and have begun collaborating with other artists, such as R&B vocalist Ryan Ashley.

"Foolish" has an unmistakably modern R&B sound to it, and is quite different from some of the remixes Blonde has done in the past, which had either a house or C+C Music Factory kind of feel. Instead, "Foolish" feels more accessible: it's a midtempo R&B song with smooth vocals and a beat hinting at funky disco R&B that couldn't be more appropriate for the start of summer.

Blonde is currently making the festival rounds in the United Kingdom (and some parts of Continental Europe).

Photo: Blonde's Facebook page

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