Thursday, October 06, 2011

I started on my "Before I go" restaurant list last Friday night when I visited Kingswood. Only once I stepped into the space, I realized I'd been there before. D'oh. I went with my co-workers in early 2008, not long after the restaurant had opened. Apparently the food hadn't been particularly memorable, because the only thing I remember is my department VP getting drunk on too much red wine and the awkward taxi ride I took alone with her afterwards.

Kingswood is labeled as an Australian and Gastropub kind of restaurant. To me, it's modern, eclectic and trendy in a rustic way. A bar separates the entrance area from the dining area -- this bar is open and looks nearly identical to a nice, country-style kitchen island. We arrived at the restaurant soon after opening, so the place was fairly empty and reservations not necessary, but on both of my visits, I found that the young and trendy like to assemble and overcrowd this bar area later on in the night.

My dining companion and I both pretty much wanted the same thing, so we shared our orders of the Ruby's Bronte burger and roasted Cornish hen (though I secretly wanted to try the Goan curry with market fish).

Kingswood is (or was) owned by the same people behind Ruby's and Tsubi, both Australian emblems here in New York City. The Ruby's Bronte burger was probably named after Ruby's, the Australian restaurant. The burger ($16) came dressed with cheddar and a sweet chili sauce that made the burger. The fries were absolutely delicious, with a side of truffle mayo -- and I don't even like mayo. The entire dish was well done and very satisfying.

The Cornish hen ($22) came plated on a hefty wooden cutting board, which was fun. The Cornish hen was tender and well-seasoned, and came with a small cast iron skillet of little globules of chewy, carby things that tasted slightly sour. Apparently (I had to look this up), it was spaetzle. They were sauteed (?) with mushrooms and hazelnuts and made for an interesting and filling side dish.

We decided to go the whole nine yards and order one dessert each, but I forgot to photograph them. Which is just as well, because neither dessert was particularly memorable. I ordered the cinnamon sugar doughnuts with white chocolate and coffee syrup ($12). They were extremely dense, bread-like squares. My friend ordered the chocolate pot with bittersweet chocolate, honeycomb and strawberries ($12). It was a little heavy on the chocolate (which was thick and mousse-like) and not heavy enough on the strawberries, though the combination of flavors was spot on. I'd spied the apricot and custard tart with blackberries and mint on the menu on their site, but alas, summer is over and fall is here. Gone are the apricots and blackberries.

I would definitely visit again, but next time, I'm definitely trying the Goan curry.

121 West 10th Street (between 6th and Greenwich)

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