Listening to ... "Overrated" by Siobhan Donaghy

Monday, July 23, 2012

source: Siobhan's Twitter
I have a total girl crush on Siobhan Donaghy. Siobhan at 16, Siobhan at 22, and Siobhan now. I happened upon the original Sugababes lineup's music a little while ago, maybe two or three months back, although I remember reading about them in Teen magazine back in 2000. It was a little blurb, and I was leaning against a window at my local library, waiting for my father. I remember being impressed because they were my age, but thinking they wouldn't make it or last because there were so many girl groups to compete with. Funny, the things we remember.

I can't remember now what brought me to them earlier this year, but there I was, watching them perform the infectiously catchy song "Overload" back in 2000. And then I forgot about them ... until this past weekend, when I saw the announcement that the original Sugababes were reuniting and forming a new group, called Mutya Keisha Siobhan.

"Overload" by Sugababes

Sugababes, for those who don't know, is a female girl group from England. It formed back in the late '90s and has been through several incarnations (the one I was most familiar with was the one during the "Push the Button" phase when I was living in England). I don't think the group is currently active, but its last lineup featured none of the original three members. In any case, Siobhan Donaghy was one of the original members of Sugababes, and the one who left first. Quite controversially, as it turns out, though I'm not sure which story to believe. Something to do with bad feelings among her and another band member, an interview or a performance, a bathroom, and Japan. 


I clicked on one of her solo music videos this weekend and couldn't get enough of how cool the sound was, how perfectly the edge in her voice fit the particular song. And the more I clicked, the more I fell in love with her beautiful voice and her quiet and unassuming demeanor. I'm looking forward to what kind of stuff the new old group of girls comes up with, now that they're in their late twenties. Meanwhile, I keep waking up every morning with a different Sugababe/Siobhan song stuck in my head! I didn't even know it was really possible ...

"There's A Place"

P.S. Let's take a moment and laugh about how difficult Americans find "Siobhan" to pronounce. I had a co-worker named Siobhan once. She was based out of London, and one of my American co-workers could not for the life of him remember how to pronounce her name. He would ask me, before every conference call or phone call, how it was her name was pronounced. "See-oh-ban?" "See-oh-baan?" "She-been?" Oh dear.

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