October Instagram Party, Week Two #oip

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Week two of the October i Blog 4 Me "Instagram party" ... this week's themes were a little bit more of a struggle for me, but I got around them. I had to steal an image from the NKOTBSB concert in summer 2011 and snoop around Marshall's like a weirdo, taking photos of merchandise. Luckily no one made comment on it.

1. doodles
There is a little story behind this ... the concept of this doodle originated back in my last job. One of my co-workers often sarcastically said, "oh, happy day!" when working, and I ended up making "oh, happy day" drawings for my immediate co-workers, with illustrations catered to their interests or personalities. I still have the one I made for myself somewhere ... it featured a barn, barn animals and sweet little piglets.
2. trees
3. witches
4. faces
5. where you work
6. scary
7. hot

Things have been slow around these parts for me, mostly catching up with those friends I haven't yet seen since arriving back home and reading ... and doing research, trying to figure out my next step. As usual.

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