March Lust

Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's been a while since I've really wanted anything specific in terms of clothing. Shocking, really. When I was a teenager, my parents would give me money twice a year to buy clothing, and it usually coincided with the biggest sales of the year. I don't know how I managed then, but then again, my style was your basic t-shirt, jeans and sneakers in high school (not like youngsters today who wear BLOUSES and blazers, what?).

source: Nordstrom
I guess it has something to do with the changing of the seasons ... I'm ready to shed my boots and heavy wool coats for cotton jackets and sneakers and sandals. I'm also finding that as I get older, my style has gotten younger. It comes and goes, but I went through a floral print stage in my early 20s after having hated ditzy prints as a teenager, and now I'm on the precipice of some sort of half moto-half dirty hipster phase. I feel like I'm about, uh, 4 steps behind on all of these trends, but that's the way I tend to roll anyway ... wear, read, listen, watch and like things about 6 years too late kind of thing.

Above all, I've been salivating over these Dr. Martens. I've never been into Dr. Martens because I've always thought they were on the chunky side for me, so this pair of coated canvas sneaker-boots are much more my style. Not to mention that I left my Converses in Taipei and have been looking for a good alternative ... these Shoreditch shoes ($69.99) supposedly offer much more support than Converses. And I just like the look of them. I imagine they'd be quite versatile.

I've wanted a good denim vest (or gilet or waistcoat, apparently, because I ran into some trouble on certain international shopping sites) for quite a while now, but I haven't ever been able to decide whether I want a cropped one, a cutoff vest, bleached, original or black? Or more of a denim button-down tank top to throw over t-shirts?

L-R: Nasty Gal Femme Tux Vest (Google Affiliate Ad) ($49) // Brandy Melville ($65) // Mango ($79.99)

L-R: Forever 21 Studded Collar Chambray Shirt (Google Affiliate Ad) ($22.80) // Forever 21 Quilted Denim Moto Vest (Google Affiliate Ad) ($24.80) // Brandy Melville ($36)

And a light spring jacket is always nice ... I think I've liked the moto look for quite a few years now but just have never jumped on the bandwagon. Light jackets don't get much wear here in the New York City, because the transition periods between winter and summer (and, conversely, summer and winter) have been practically non-existent for the past 10 years or so, and don't lend themselves much to wearing a light coat or jacket of any kind. Sigh. I've got a great cropped navy blazer that's just collecting dust when it's not worn as a sweater under a heavier winter coat in the spring.

Anyway, as with the denim vests, there are so many options and I'm an indecisive girl. Bouclé, denim, twill, ponte or lace? White or black?

L-R: Mango ($99.99) // Forever 21 Lace Moto Jacket (Google Affiliate Ad) ($27.80) // Mango ($89.99)

And, to top it all off, I've wanted a pair of black acid wash jeans forever. I actually had a difficult time finding a pair that was just the right amount of acid wash -- most of them were either overly white or not "washed" enough. I guess the reincarnation of this trend is practically over?

I don't generally shop at Forever 21 (or any of these places, really), but for particularly trendy pieces that I'm not really 100% ready to commit to, it's great. So is H&M.

Are you coveting anything for the upcoming spring and summer seasons? Where do you discover new styles you'd like to try out, or find fashion inspiration?

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