Music Monday: Atlas Genius

Monday, March 25, 2013

source: Atlas Genius Facebook page
Is it just me or is a ton of the "good" music of today coming out of Australia? I have a former co-worker who now works in Austin and gets to cover SXSW every year, and I'm sure he's about to introduce me to a whole new crop of music, though honestly, if you're playing at SXSW, you've probably already got a pretty huge following. (Not that Atlas Genius was at SXSW ... I don't think. They do have a show at Emo's in Austin on April 25, though, if you're in the area. A $14 show! Unheard of, by NYC standards.)

Atlas Genius is from Adelaide and lead singer and guitarist Keith Jeffery says that their sound is influenced by Death Cab For Cutie, Beck and The Police, if that gives you an idea of what they might sound like. I'm (thankfully) not getting too much Death Cab from them. To me, they sound more like a synth-y, slightly '80s version of The Killers, with occasional flickers of '70s rock. And like a female counterpart to Haim, almost. Particularly in the song "Back Seat."


My only wish for many of these male lead singers -- emo-ish singers, especially -- is that they would just enunciate. What are they trying to hide? On the bright side, my inability to decipher their lyrics makes me focus more on the music!

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