Final Look: Kate Young for Target

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

I'm back with lookbook photos and prices for the Kate Young line that's about to hit Target. The entire lookbook hit the interwebs a few days after I last posted about it ... my timing is off, what can I say?

In the Target lookbook, the clothes are modeled by a professional model, photographed in a much more flattering lighting setup than the Terry Richardson promo shots, so my faith in this line has been restored ever-so-slightly. (Though having seen the clothes on "real women," I'm not so sure they're going to be so flattering on me.)

Click on any of the photographs in this post for a closer look at the outfits.

We've seen this outfit on the left a couple of times now, first as a sketch, then in the promo photos. Turns out the under layer was a see-through printed bodysuit ($29.99) all along! The cream blazer ($49.99) and navy shorts ($29.99) are both made of satin, as is the clutch ($19.99). The outfit is oddly paired with a pair of peep-toe ankle booties in a leopard print ($44.99).

The dress in the photograph to the right is another we've seen in its sketch and promo photo carnations, except in those photographs, they were in black (or "Black Star Print"). This dress ($49.99), in
the color/print Gem City Print, is paired with open-toed t-strap heels ($39.99) also belonging to the Kate Young collection. The lookbook also features the Black Star Print version of this dress, paired with a black patent clutch ($19.99).

This dress on the left is new, and is on the more formal end of the collection. When the Kate Young collaboration was first announced, it was implied that it would be a small dress collection, made up mostly of semi-formal to formal dresses. This beaded dress ($89.99) is more of what I had in mind for the collection, and is photographed with yet another patent leather clutch (this one looking slightly larger and boxier, with a larger price tag of $29.99) and the "Flame" pumps in black ($29.99).

As usual, I'm not posting every single outfit in the lookbook, just the ones which I think are slightly more distinctive. There are a bunch of dresses which are relatively run-of-the-mill, in slightly
less common colors or prints, like a drop-hem almost skater-like dress which comes in both a muted fuchsia and black ($49.99) and a strapless bow dress that comes in both the Gem City Print and a black color ($59.99), which looks like it could make the rounds this prom season.

The leopard print dress ($49.99) above is paired with the black version of the satin blazer ($49.99) shown earlier, along with the red Flame pumps ($29.99).

I find the one-shouldered dress ($89.99) in Kate Young's Black Star print on the left of interest because it has the length of a more formal dress, but the airiness of something far more youthful and carefree. I think it'd be a bit of a challenge to find a place (outside of a high school prom or college formal) to wear such a dress, but I think with a little bit of doing, it could be transformed into a more casual dress for a summertime date or perhaps a beach wedding. The dress is photographed here with the yellow version of the smaller patent clutches ($19.99) and the open-toed ruffle t-strap heels ($39.99).

Last but not least, Kate Young had the presence of mind to throw in a dressed-up romper (or I guess you'd call it jumpsuit if it's got full length legs). This black jumpsuit ($79.99) looks more flattering than most, thanks to the tulip shape the pockets give the bottoms and the crossover upper, lined and embellished to look more like formalwear. I'd never thought to wear a jumpsuit as formalwear until I saw a black Zara lace jumpsuit on Eleanor Calder (sigh ... I know I have to explain myself here because I think most people who visit this blog are over the age of 18. One Direction's Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend ... what a mouthful). I do think proportions play a crucial part in making a romper or jumpsuit work, though, and I think having a relatively pricey jumpsuit as part of this collection could be a risky move, considering Target's ... target customer. I guess we'll see if it succeeds when clearance time comes! The jumpsuit is paired with the black Flame pumps ($29.99).

Below are close-ups of some of the accessories mentioned above.

Leopard print peep-toe ankle booties ($44.99)

Satin clutch ($19.99)

Small patent leather clutch ($19.99)

Larger patent leather clutch with strap in metallic grey and black ($29.99)

T-strap peep-toe heels ($39.99)

Flame heels ($29.99)

Unfortunately, some of the Kate Young collection will come in the form of online exclusives, available only at This appears to be true of all of the shoes and one or two of the bags, though you never really know with Target. The site claims that a lot of their items cannot be found in stores when, in truth, they have been found in stores. 

I'm looking forward to seeing some of these dresses in person -- I'm still holding out hope for the lime-yellow beaded minidress ($59.99) I talked about in my last post on this collection. Target labels the dress yellow, so I guess I'll take their word for it for now. I'm also interested in the Gem City printed Peter Pan collared dress, although I'm kind of reluctant to buy a dress with a Peter Pan collar. (I've been trying to stay away from cutesy clothing and accessories, as I really don't need something else to give people the impression I'm still in high school or college.)

The collection hits stores (and online) on April 14 and "leaves" stores on May 2. Oh, and Target broke Canada last week! It opened its first store in Toronto, which seems ultimately unfair to Canadians, since Toronto is practically in New York state anyway. Why not Vancouver or Calgary?

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