May Favorites

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Is 2013 speeding along or what? May has definitely gone by faster for me than any other month so far this year.

So this television show is really a glorified soap opera -- not quite as bad as "The O.C." but it's definitely no "Friday Night Lights" ... still, Connie Britton always manages to bring her characters back down to earth, even when Hayden Panettiere is giving an incredibly convincing performance of the most hellish country pop star diva that could ever be. The story just keeps getting better and better. Except why are practically all the men on this show villains? Hmm. Still, can't wait until next season.

Pie Face
While I was in away in Taiwan, Australia's Pie Face opened up in New York City. I had Pie Face more than a few times when I was in Australia, but I definitely didn't have the opportunity to try every flavor I'd wanted to. The flavors here in NYC are understandably a little different from the ones offered in Australia, but they were all INCREDIBLE. My friend and I shared 6 mini pies (chunky steak, chicken and mushroom, Thai coconut curry, Tandoori vegetable, steak and pepper, BBQ pulled pork) and a dessert mini pie (lemon). The pies are not cheap, but they are worth it. The chunky steak was my clear favorite because it had such depth of flavor ... it tasted like winter in a bite: butter, onion, wine, steak. So, so delicious. I can't wait to return for a full-sized pie.

Revlon Impulsive nail polish
I haven't indulged in any new nail polishes lately, since they are a luxury rather than a necessity. But this was on sale and I've been wanting a blurple (blue-purple) nail polish for some time now. I got it for less than $4 and I love it. The formula's a little watery but opaque in two coats, and I've washed dishes (gently) and the polish has barely chipped. Purple's not exactly a spring-summer color, but honey badger don't care!

Spotify Tunigo
This is definitely my favorite discovery from the past month. Tunigo is a playlist app that I believe Spotify bought. They have an incredible array of playlists, with even more incredible names. Here's just a taste: "Transatlantic Lullaby," "Dubai Vacation," "Beards & Flannel," "Save The Trees," "Sightseeing in France" and "Powder Swag." There are also a ton of user-generated playlists to peruse. A playlist for every mood is all I can ask for.

Mossimo Kaelyn ankle booties from Target
So I ordered a pair of these just before I returned to the United States, but I ultimately ended up returning them. The pair I ordered was a half-size too large and I thought they were too round. The shoes were so popular that Target released them in a bunch of other colors ... and other materials. The original pair I bought were real suede and were on sale for about $22 or $24 when I purchased them. I saw the pair I now own on clearance for about $15 and in faux suede. For $15, I decided to give them another shot, and this time, I was not at all disappointed. It seems they've changed the toe box shape slightly since the original release, because I didn't feel like Minnie Mouse in these. After spending half a day walking around Manhattan in these, I can attest to the fact that they are very, very easy to walk in (they have an approximately 2-inch heel) and quite comfortable. I'll have to add pads to the ball area, and my shins are a little sore, but other than that, a great, great buy and I'm very pleased. Kudos again to Target!

I hope you're enjoying your Memorial Day weekend, if you celebrate it!

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