Music Monday: Made In Chelsea soundtrack

Monday, May 20, 2013

I was watching the latest episode of the trashiest television show I currently watch -- "Made In Chelsea" -- when I noticed that last week's soundtrack was particularly good. Like MTV used to do with its reality shows ("Laguna Beach" and the like), the channel that airs "Made In Chelsea" in England puts up not only a list of songs corresponding to scenes, but it's also established Spotify playlists for each episode, making it extremely easy to recollect the songs the viewers particularly enjoyed. How things have changed in the past 8 years!

Overall, I thought the soundtrack from this past episode had an early summer, late night feel to it ... lots of pulsating yet mellow beats that give off the feeling (to me) of a blast of cool air in an otherwise humid summer night.

Makes me look forward to the summer, even with its horrible humidity. It's not so far off now ...

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