Music Monday: Paloma Faith

Monday, May 13, 2013

source: Paloma Faith's Facebook page
I mentioned Paloma Faith a little while back on the Music Monday post dedicated to music heard at London Fashion Week, but it was sort of in passing. Paloma Faith had been making the rounds here in the U.S. to promote her single "Picking Up The Pieces," after signing with Epic Records here in the U.S. in mid-2012.

Paloma hails from England, has dabbled in acting, and has had two of her albums reach platinum status in the United Kingdom. I first heard of Paloma while watching season 7 of "The X Factor UK" (the season that spawned One Direction) -- contestant Nicolo Festa covered her song "New York" in the Judges' Houses round. I really liked the way Nicolo sang it, and was struck by the lyrics of the song, which personifies New York City.

And when I returned from Taiwan, I heard her name again and again, on daytime television and even late night. This was the song she was trying to push in the U.S., though I don't think on the whole it's been a success here.

I think she's an interesting artist, very theatrical -- maybe a Lady Gaga without the antics. I find Paloma Faith to be eccentric and quirky without the completely "out of the box" thinking. Of course, her music isn't quite like Lady Gaga's either ... there's a bit of a soul/jazz undertone to much of her music. I like that her music lives up to her image ... and I just really like the uniqueness of her voice.

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