Danielle Bradbery #MusicMonday

Monday, June 17, 2013

source: NBC.com
So I'm a sucker for good vocalists, especially ones with pure voices (although I do like a bit of gruff in a man). Danielle Bradbery is only 16 years old and a finalist on "The Voice" here in the U.S. I don't watch the show so much as I drop by during commercial breaks of whatever trashy (trashier ... coughTheBachelorettecough) show I'm watching at the moment. Sometimes, when I run out of things to watch on Hulu, I'll watch little 3 minute "The Voice" performances.

From what I've seen of this season, there are better singers and certainly more seasoned and better performers than Danielle. But none of them have a voice as pretty as hers. What's frustrated me about watching Danielle, however, is the general lack of emotion on her face and/or lack of stage presence in her televised performances. Maybe it's nerves, maybe it's something else ... from what I've seen on YouTube from before "The Voice", she definitely has a personality.

Fortunately for me, all of the contestants have recorded studio versions of some of the songs they've performed on the show, and that means I can listen to Danielle's beautiful voice without having a mini conniption over how there's no connection between her facial emotions (or lack thereof) and voice. (Now I know how people felt about David Archuleta during season 7 of "American Idol"!)

So here ya go ... studio versions of some of my favorite performances of hers. She does mostly country, but she also does a number of Corinne Bailey Rae's "Put Your Records On" too.


And one of her in, maybe, "her element" (relaxed). Her voice is incredible.

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