Review: Bath and Body Works Beach Cabana candle

Sunday, June 16, 2013

In case you didn't know, Bath and Body Works is currently having its Semi-Annual Sale right now ... this is the Sale of Doom during which I end up "stocking up" on lotions and body splashes that I end up with half-used bottles of 7 years later. Oh yes. Things get marked down to as low as 75% of its original price.

Two of the items that I've already finished up from my Project Pan are currently part of the Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale, so I thought it would be a good time to check in with my reviews of them. The other review will come later this week. Now, I think both of the products have been repackaged, but I don't think the products themselves have changed all that much.

I have to say, the label really sucked me in. It reminds me of
those colorful huts on Brighton Beach in Melbourne.
The second product, then, is the Beach Cabana candle in its 3-wick form. This product has been repackaged since I bought it at the last Semi-Annual Sale in December, but I believe the burn and the fragrance have remain unchanged. The candle (as with all of its 3-wick candles) usually retails for $20, but often goes on sale for 2 for $22. If you're interested in this candle, you can get it for 50% off in stores and online right now, and probably less as the sale goes on (it ends July 7th), if it remains in stock.

In terms of fragrance, this is actually quite similar to Cotton Blossom. Here is the description Bath and Body Works gave for my particular candle:

The new description for the candle currently in stores is quite similar:
Fragrant, sweet jasmine, orange blossom and the fresh scent of fluffy white towels evoke the endless-summer feel. Breathe in the air under a beach cabana and instantly transport your senses to the shore.
I've read some of the reviews on the Bath and Body Works, and I couldn't help but laugh. For a lot of these summer/resort candles, consumers have really, really bought into the marketing. To me, there is absolutely nothing about this that screams "beach" or "cabana." It's a very soft, powdery scent, not unlike fresh linen. I have no idea what orange blossoms smell like, but if they are sharp and powdery, then I can dig that description. Jasmine? Absolutely not. (I also owned the Tiki Beach candle, a vanilla-coconut scent that Bath and Body Works claimed evoked "resort glamour" and people were saying it really smelled like the beach to them. Guffaw.) To me, Beach Cabana is the type of candle you burn while or after you've cleaned the house and want to "air it out." Or maybe while you're folding laundry, because you just love the scent of soft, fluffy, clean towels.

In terms of burn, it was flawless. The flames were never low, and I don't think the wicks smoked much or more than usual. I'm not terribly picky about how my candles burn, as long as not too much wax is wasted. There was absolutely no wax wasted in the burning of Beach Cabana, but it did turn that yucky caramel-grey color in the last third of its burn, and it attained a bit of a smoky smell so that it smelled as if my clean towels were maybe being overheated in the dryer.

Would I repurchase this candle? Not in the 3-wick. The scent just wasn't anything interesting enough to warrant such a long-lasting candle (a.k.a I got bored of it), but I would buy it in the smaller one-wick, 4 ounce size just to use to freshen up the house. I do really like Bath and Body Works candles, though, because they -- as far as I can tell -- don't use paraffin wax, which is a petroleum byproduct.

Extra information about the Bath and Body Works Beach Cabana candle, 14.5 oz/411 grams ...

- Highly fragranced candles exclusively made using the highest concentration of the richest fragrance oils.
- An improved, exclusive blend of vegetable wax and lead-free wicks, resulting in an improved, more even burning candle and an amazing fragrance experience.
- Burns approximately 30-45 hours (I think the new ones claim a 25-45 hour burn)

Made in USA (under Slatkin & Co. brand)

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  1. thanks for the post :) I actually love this scent just because I find it does remind me of a peaceful afternoon spent on a beach. Bath & Works candles in general are great and they definitely have a scent to please everyone!



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