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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

source: abullseyeview.com
Target's next collaboration is with FEED, the brainchild of model Lauren Bush. FEED, logically, raises money through its products to help feed children all over the world and bring awareness to hunger and malnutrition problems. Lauren designed the famous burlap FEED 1 bag, which feeds one school child for an entire year.

Target's collection with FEED (USA) will work to raise money to feed children and families within the U.S., and the collection debuts on June 30.

The collection itself is very basic, and very barebones and American in style. I'm not sure how appropriate it would be for FEED to brandish items that were more ornate or showy. The collection reminds me, actually, of what Lauren Bush herself is known for, through and through. She's former President George W. Bush's niece, modeled for Tommy Hilfiger (and Abercrombie and Fitch), and married designer Ralph Lauren's son David. (She goes by Lauren Bush Lauren, in case you were wondering like I was!) "All-American" is what I'm trying to say.

What I like about Target's lookbook for the collection is that along with prices, the lookbook delineates how many meals FEED can provide for each item. Each item also features a number, which indicates the number of meals the item provides.

Serving bowl ($25) // 20 meals
Burlap bag ($10) // 8 meals
Water bottle ($13) // 10 meals
Medium stoneware pan ($20) // 16 meals
Set of 4 melamine appetizer plates ($10) // 8 meals
Canisters (small $14, medium $14, large $16) // 10 and 12 meals, respectively
Apron ($16) // 12 meals

Stoneware pie plates ($15) // 12 meals
3-piece bib set ($15) // 12 meals
Throw pillow ($25) // 20 meals
Bike helmet ($35) // 28 meals
Foldable bike ($400) // 320 meals
5-piece cookie cutter set ($10) // 8 meals
Scarves ($18) // 14 meals
iPad folio ($35) // 28 meals
iPhone 5 cases ($25) // 20 meals
Set of 3 kitchen towels ($10) // 6 meals
Lunch bag ($10) // 8 meals
Throw ($30) // 24 meals
Target didn't point out which items belonged to the FEED collection, but one
can assume that the majority comes from the collection.

I think this is a wonderful cause and wish Target would promote it more. I doubt that the average Target customer coming across various items of the collection would realize that the products go towards feeding the hungry, and I don't think most of the items are unique enough to really catch an average customer's eye. I hope I'm wrong!

Target's site says that 10% of the original retail price, excluding sales tax, will be donated to FEED and Feeding America, and the collection will be available from June 30 through November 16.

All images taken from Target.com and ABullseyeview.com.

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