"For The Rest Of My Life," Robin Thicke #MusicMonday

Monday, June 24, 2013

source: Robin Thicke's Facebook page
Men and high voices/falsettos ... it's kind of a fine line to walk, in my opinion. I was discussing my dislike for Justin Timberlake's music with a friend not that long ago, and it became clear to him that it's not just because Justin was a member of 'N Sync and Nick Carter's main rival back in the day. I just don't enjoy listening to male singers with high voices. You can toss James Blunt into the mix (shudder), and Adam Levine.

But Robin Thicke is in a different category, at least in my mind. Is there a real difference? It's hard to tell. But I think he falls in the same "category" as Jordan Knight, and has the career I think Jordan should've had. The two of them have naturally low(er) voices and have or had the tendency to do slower, sexier R&B songs, which I think lend themselves to a falsetto voice.

I'm really loving Robin Thicke's newest song, "For The Rest Of My Life," from his upcoming album "Blurred Lines".

And a couple other songs I like ...

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