Interior Decorating Envy: Jo Malone London offices

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Jo Malone London
source: Lonny magazine
Ever since I can remember, I've been a fan of interior design and interior decorating. When I was a child, my mother subscribed to Better Homes and Gardens, and I would spend hours poring over the beautiful rooms and decorating touches. When I was about 10, I went through a '60s/'70s phase when I wanted my house to match that of the Brady household (Brady Bunch), and luckily my parents had saved some tablecloths and curtains from that era, so the house was dressed in oranges, lime greens and geometric shapes for a while.

My tastes have evolved to become somewhat eclectic, and my dream home would probably be somewhat of thematic mess. I recently took a design quiz and I got a different decorating style each time I took the quiz. French eclectic, elegant classic, Nantucket cottage, modern classic, etc. I love Scandinavian simplicity and the starkness of white against blond wood, but I also love color! My dream house would have a touch of the Mediterranean, too. Maybe some Italian tiles in the kitchen? Some Cape Cod, New England cottage touches would be nice, too. But more than anything, the mood has to be right: cozy but airy, and light. So I've come to the conclusion that I ever get around to owning my own house, I'll probably have to give each room its own design style.

That said, since magazine journalism has pretty much died, the internet has become a hotbed of inspiration for interior decorators. I used to subscribe to Domino magazine before it joined its forebears in Magazine Heaven. Lonny magazine has been a more-than-adequate substitute, and it satisfies the "elegant classic" city girl decorator in me, as its two founders come from New York City and London (hence "Lonny," which is a portmanteau of sorts).

While Lonny's features can sometimes be a bit too ... flamboyant or embellished for my rather simple taste, I recently stumbled upon a photo spread that more than appealed to the simple in me. Lonny paid a visit to the Jo Malone headquarters in London, housed inside a stately Georgian townhouse. If you don't know, Jo Malone is a luxury UK fragrance brand. Now, I wouldn't want my house to be this bereft of color, but it's a very elegant yet comfortable look. Check out this Lonny photo spread featuring the Jo Malone headquarters in London, from the March 2013 issue:

Jo Malone London headquarters
The color scheme is consistent throughout the building, starting with the door. It looks to
me like they based the headquarters' decorating scheme off of the company's simplistic labels.

Jo Malone London headquarters
Imagine having an interview and waiting in this room. 
It would probably intimidate the heebie jeebies out of me, I'm not gonna lie.

Jo Malone London headquarters
Jo Malone London headquarters
I love this conference room. For some reason, I find it less austere than the other rooms, 
though it is fairly monochromatic. I think the light tones lend a softer feel.

Jo Malone London headquarters
I also really enjoy this room -- I find it oddly feminine in a very unisex way. I think the fussy black 
feather-leaf chandelier really pulls the rooms together and adds interest in otherwise classic, stark rooms.

Jo Malone London headquarters
Jo Malone London headquarters
Jo Malone London headquarters

Do you think working in a home-like setting such as the Jo Malone headquarters is practical and help inspire you at work, or do you think the standard corporate setting is more conducive to productivity?

All photos are from Lonny magazine.

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