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Monday, September 16, 2013

Tamarama band
source: Tamarama's Facebook page
Before the summer's officially through, I need to squeeze the band Tamarama into this Music Monday thang. Because to me, Tamarama is the only soundtrack you'd need for a beach vacation, or the type of summer spent surfing in Malibu. It has an incredibly laidback feel -- not Jack Johnson laidback, but a happy-go-lucky, energetic, youthful laidback.

Tamarama is a band from Australia, as its name reflects. Its members, Jay Lyon (real name: Brent Tuhtan, in case you were into reality show "The City" conspiracies) and Nicolas "Pottsy" Potts, named their band after Tamarama Beach in Sydney, Australia, stating:
Tamarama is Australia's best kept secret ... a small pristine beach that is a perfect mix of serenity, danger, glamour and good times. Growing up in this magical place has fed the visual aspect of their music, mixed with their life experience of living all over the world finding love, losing love and still having hope.
Contrary to what Tamarama's music might have you feeling or thinking, Tamarama Beach is actually known as the most dangerous patrolled beach in all of New South Wales. Its water is incredibly deep, its size incredibly narrow and it's constantly swelling with one to two rip currents. Nevertheless, the beach is nicknamed "Glamarama" for its "seen and be seen"-ness.

Here's a photo from when I visited last year ... Tamarama Beach, from a safe distance. Not too many sunbathers, as it was the dead of "winter" (Sydney's winters are hardly what a New Yorker like me would call winter, but what the hell):

Tamarama Beach

As for the band, the two guys haven't released any new music since 2010, but seem to be working on something new. Whatever they're working on, I hope it has the same happy, carefree feeling their previous endeavors have had. Their music is the way I feel life should always be.

Most of their songs are NOT on YouTube, so if you like their sound, I highly recommend checking them out on Spotify.

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