Tiny Ruins #MusicMonday

Monday, July 28, 2014

Although I write a lot about bubblegum pop music and my extreme nostalgia for it, on an average day my musical cravings lean more towards the folk-acoustic, singer-songwriter sort. Tiny Ruins is my newest aural discovery, and the best kind, if you ask me. I have a strong penchant for sounds of the '60s, and Tiny Ruins (singer-songwriter Hollie Fullbrook, bassist Cass Basil and drummer Alexander Freer of New Zealand) exemplifies all my favorite parts of '60s folk music and its earthy ties to nature. It started out as Hollie Fullbrook's solo project and has retained a bare, singular kind of sound that recalls simpler times.

Tiny Ruins' latest album "Brightly Painted One" is out now, and will begin touring the U.S. at the end of this month.

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