Three years old, tomorrow.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

I started this blog on the first day of 2011, but it was christened "Maxine Writes" three years ago tomorrow. This blog has been many things over the past three years -- it started out as a bit of a travel blog, journaling my travels through Taiwan and some of its neighbors in the Australasia region. There was a bit of New York City love thrown in, and then as I changed, it grew into more of a natural beauty product blog. Throughout all of these changes, two things have remained constant: my love for music and my love for food.

As you may know, I am heading to graduate school this fall. It's been a "few" years since I've last been in school, taken classes, done homework. I don't really know what my schedule will be like. Earlier this year, I started up a "Tunes Tuesday," but then soon realized that I wouldn't have the time (especially once I start school) to always be on the lookout for new music, so we're back to just Music Mondays (or, as far as this blog's concerned, "what I'm listening to/#nowplaying").

I will try my very best to keep my Music Mondays going once I get to school, and recipes or food-related entries when I can (I can't imagine graduate school plus internships will leave me much time to experiment with too many new recipes). Maybe I'll have time to do a little traveling during school breaks -- I am heading to the Midwest for school, which is basically uncharted territory for me. I've been to Chicago before and ... that's about it. I might suffer culture shock, but probably the good kind.

So updates to this blog will probably slow down to about two entries a week until I find my footing, which may take a month or two or maybe the entire length of my graduate program (I plan on finishing in late 2015).

But anyway, new adventures of a completely different kind -- school! The Midwest! Football! (Maybe?)

I hope you'll stick around to find out with me.

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