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Monday, August 11, 2014

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I'm just about ready to head off to another state for graduate school now, and I'm driving there so I thought it'd be a nice opportunity to put together a small little playlist! This is a mix of (mostly) old and new, of songs that bring me comfort or pump me up for the long road ahead. I've probably talked about many of these songs before on this blog, or had them in other playlists, but these are tried and true songs for me and I just love 'em.

1. "Everything's Right," Matt Wertz
Matt Wertz, along with John Mayer, is my go-to man for laidback summer road trippin' songs. Also good are "Summer Sun" and "Carolina."
2. "There's More To Me Than You," Jessica Andrews
3. "Boyfriend," Alphabeat
4. "Free Fallin'," John Mayer
I happened to choose this cover by John Mayer because it's all-American, all the way, but any song off of just about any of John's albums would do for a road trip. But especially his latest, "Paradise Valley."
5. "Into The Blue," Kylie Minogue
6. "Your Love," The Outfield
7. "Running Away," Toby Lightman/"Sleep All Day," Jason Mraz
Toby's song can't be found on YouTube and Jason's song in full can't be found on Spotify. Both are soothing singer-songwriter songs I was obsessed with back in 2004.
8. "If I Could Change Your Mind," Haim
9. "Don't Forget Where You Belong," One Direction
10. "Standing Still," Jewel
11. "Anticipating," Britney Spears
This song got me through the roughest all-nighters of my junior year of high school. If you're anything like me, this song will not allow you to fall asleep.
12. "Fly Away," Lenny Kravitz
13. "Better Than This," Hunter Hayes
14. "Long Way," Antje Duvekot
My definitive road trip song. I discovered it back in 2007 and it's basically been on every mixtape I've made for others since. Yes, it's long and might actually put you to sleep, but it's so poetic and simple.

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