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Monday, August 04, 2014

Moko new music soul singer British Your Love Ceremony Black EP Gold MTA Records house music '90s music
With the resurgence of '90s house and '90s beats in today's popular music, I've found it really interesting that many of the artists are actually products of the '90s. Ariana Grande, whose song "Problem" has serious '90s elements, was born in 1993. And I've recently discovered British "soul singer" Moko, whose music contains early '90s and mid-'90s influences that are closer to the music I grew up with than anything I've listened to recently. (Because apparently I grew up in da club in the mid-'90s.)

Moko, who was born in 1991, met her production team while attending Goldsmiths, University of London and was signed to MTA Records under Virgin EMI last year. Her sound is rich and harmonious while still retaining a versatility that makes for good club music, lounge music or even sleep music.

"Your Love" is her debut single off of her upcoming EP "Gold," despite having released the EP "Black" in late 2013.

(Is it weird if the melody of "Ceremony" reminds me of Jessica Simpson's song "Sweet Kisses" from her 1999 debut album?)

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