October Instagram Party, Week Four #oip

Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's the final full week of the October Instagram Party I've been taking part in ... this week was a bit harder for me as well. I've been so busy with errands and things and haven't had much time to give good thought to my photos. Although doing this Instagram Party has helped me make some new friends and also opened my eyes even further to the world around me, I find myself worrying over not getting a photo that will fit the theme in time, and it's becoming more of a hassle than something fun. I probably won't be participating in it in November, but we'll see!

3. pie
4. two
5. crafty
I'm working on making my own lip balm these days!
6. pets

I hope everyone in Hurricane Sandy's path is safe and remains safe!

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  1. I hope that hurricane sandy didnt cause too many problems where you are.

    Also keep posting pics even if you do not end up partaking in the project, it's interesting to see pics from various places on instagram. I'm an addict lol.



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