Brooklyn! Prospect Park and Brooklyn Museum

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Remember how I wanted to go to Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Museum (in May, July and September of last year)? I finally did it!

Generally, the first Saturday of every month is free admission (along with a lot of exciting activities, like gallery talks, tours, film screenings and performances) Saturday between 5pm and 11pm at the Brooklyn Museum. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden, which is attached the huge block of area that makes up the Prospect Park-Brooklyn Museum-Botanic Garden trifecta, is free on Saturday mornings between 10am and 12pm (and weekdays between November and May). We meant to catch the Botanic Garden that morning but just couldn't make it in time, so we had plenty of time to peruse Prospect Park.

I'll probably visit again in the spring, during cherry blossom season, and maybe again in the autumn, after the leaves have started changing color. For now, the Park is still pretty dull, color-wise.

Those ducks are swimming in algae slush ...

Lovers everywhere ...

Little red-headed boy with a purple cape!

I love that afternoon sun ...

The Park is enormous. It reminded me a lot of Central Park, except not quite as exciting. We decided to make our way over to the Brooklyn Museum as the sun began to set, not realizing it would take us an hour to get there! That is just how large the park is. 'Course I stopped several times along to way to take photos.

This place looked CRAZY! And that sunlight ...

Approaching the museum ...


A red house inside a big, big house

Santi Moix's style reminds me of my father's drawings

The much talked about (obviously thoroughly researched but still perplexing)
"The Dinner Party" by Judy Chicago

Good night, Brooklyn.

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